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"In Fen's Drop of Gray, author Brian Wray sensitively addresses the complex topic of overwhelming sadness. In a touching story that speaks directly to the hearts and minds of young children, little Fen teaches that, even in the face of difficult feelings, we can find our way back to beauty and color. A wonderful book to help children cope."


- Michelle Witkin, Ph.D.


Reviews by WPSU and WXVU

Watch Brian talk about Max's Box on NBC, CBS and WUSA9

"It is always a challenge to discuss mental heath issues with children, particularly in a language they can understand. However, Max's Box provides an exceptional springboard for doing so. An important read for children, and, I would imagine, a few adults, as well." 

- Dr. Matthew Goldfine, PhD, Clinical Psychologist for Children

"This sensitive story of Max and his box of feelings is a wonderful conversation starter, and will provide children a way to visualize not suppressing their emotions with support from parents."

- Dr. Nerissa Bauer, Behavioral Pediatrician

"This engagingly written and  wonderfully illustrated book helps children to understand how, with the help of those who care, we can learn to let go of those things that hold us back and keep us from moving on." 

- Dr. Linda Mayers, Ph.D., Child Psychologist

"The art's soft coloring matches the gentle story... An appropriate metaphor to help children manage their emotions." - Kirkus Reviews" 

- Kirkus Reviews

"Max’s Box is a clean, easy-to-understand story about emotions, and how suppressing them can cast a shadow over everything we do... A good read-aloud for younger grades that invites discussion."

-Mom Read It

"Max’s Box is a beautiful book. The black and white illustrations hold a little color to pull your eye to the important subject on the page."

- Kid Lit Reviews

You fall in love with adorable Rose bunny from the first time you see her on the front cover...I highly recommend this book."

- Storywraps

"From both a parent and kid point of view we give this FIVE paws up!"

- Tara Sheehan, Goodreads

"Great way for parents and teachers to create conversation."

- Calgary Herald

"Although this beautifully written and delightfully illustrated book is written for children, this story helps us all realize that being perfect is not what really matters, and that we can learn to appreciate life with all its imperfections."

- Dr. Linda Mayers, Ph.D., Child Psychologist

"A necessary and useful message entwined in a cute story of having fun with friends."

- Being Unique Being a Reader

"It will be a welcome addition for families looking for resources to start a conversation about obsessive behavior with young children."

- Lu & Bean Read

"I loved everything about this story... Parts of it made me sad, but there was hope... I think a book like this is so important for people of all ages, not just children."

- Leigha Desmond

"I must admit that I was quite impressed with this children’s book as it is rare that I read a children’s book that dealt with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and Brian Wray has done a great job at conveying the signs of having Obsessive Compulsive Disorder"


- Ronyell, Goodreads

"I have found a great book to help kids learn to cope with these thoughts and the anxiety that comes with them."

- Courtney Barnum

"Unraveling Rose: A delightful read that somehow manages to address important mental health issues in a warm, child-friendly manner. I expect Rose's story will help inspire children in their journey to understand and overcome anxiety."


- Dr. Matthew Goldfine, Ph.D., Child Psychologist

See Brian discuss Unraveling Rose on CBS, WKRC

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Read Brian's interview with Authority Magazine

"Maia and the Very Tall Wall is well written and whimsical, while delivering a beautiful message of the power of one's voice and self-confidence. Parents of children who are more introverted can use this book to help children face their own walls to enjoy a lifetime of new, and sometimes unexpected adventures."

- Dr. Nerissa Bauer, Behavioral Pediatrician

line_Asset 6_4x.png

"The story holds a message about STEAM habits of mind, and maintaining one’s curiosity. The illustrations are rendered in slightly muted tones, until they deepen and brighten as Maia climbs the wall and expands her worldview. Penfield plays adeptly with composition and perspective, especially when it comes to the wall. A particularly compelling image shows Maia standing on the wall, watching the blue clouds lift over two sparkling cities on either side. Maia’s story shines through and presents a positive message of holding on to one’s curiosity and passion."

- School Library Journal

lineAsset 4_4x.png

"Author Brian Wray handles emotions in such a positive and tangible way for our little readers. He never casts any inkling of shame for very real emotions experienced and actually tends to respect them while providing ways to deal with them. I can not recommend this picture book, along with his others, more highly."


- Bedtime Stories Forevermore

lineAsset 2_4x.png

"Maia and the Very Tall Wall is a heartfelt, relatable and powerful story by Brian Wray with charming, whimsical illustrations by Shiloh Penfield... A wonderful addition to any bookshelf."


- Ms. G Reads

line_Asset 7_4x.png

"This is a great book for showing kids what can happen when they use their voices, and inspire them to speak up!"


- Babies to Bookworms

line_Asset 4_4x.png

"Maia and the Very Tall Wall is an inspiring story that kids will see themselves in as they may have moved from inquisitive to quiet, worried about speaking up in public. It inspires children to embrace their curiosity and encourage it in others."


- Mom Read It

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