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"It is always a challenge to discuss mental heath issues with children, particularly in a language they can understand. However, Max's Box provides an exceptional springboard for doing so. An important read for children, and, I would imagine, a few adults, as well." 

- Dr. Matthew Goldfine, PhD, Clinical Psychologist for Children

"This sensitive story of Max and his box of feelings is a wonderful conversation starter, and will provide children a way to visualize not suppressing their emotions with support from parents."

- Dr. Nerissa Bauer, Behavioral Pediatrician

"This engagingly written and  wonderfully illustrated book helps children to understand how, with the help of those who care, we can learn to let go of those things that hold us back and keep us from moving on." 

- Dr. Linda Mayers, Ph.D., Child Psychologist

You fall in love with adorable Rose bunny from the first time you see her on the front cover...I highly recommend this book."

- Storywraps

"From both a parent and kid point of view we give this FIVE paws up!"

- Tara Sheehan, Goodreads

"Great way for parents and teachers to create conversation."

- Calgary Herald

"Although this beautifully written and delightfully illustrated book is written for children, this story helps us all realize that being perfect is not what really matters, and that we can learn to appreciate life with all its imperfections."

- Dr. Linda Mayers, Ph.D., Child Psychologist

"A necessary and useful message entwined in a cute story of having fun with friends."

- Being Unique Being a Reader

"It will be a welcome addition for families looking for resources to start a conversation about obsessive behavior with young children."

- Lu & Bean Read

"I loved everything about this story... Parts of it made me sad, but there was hope... I think a book like this is so important for people of all ages, not just children."

- Leigha Desmond

"I must admit that I was quite impressed with this children’s book as it is rare that I read a children’s book that dealt with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and Brian Wray has done a great job at conveying the signs of having Obsessive Compulsive Disorder"


- Ronyell, Goodreads

"I have found a great book to help kids learn to cope with these thoughts and the anxiety that comes with them."

- Courtney Barnum

"Unraveling Rose: A delightful read that somehow manages to address important mental health issues in a warm, child-friendly manner. I expect Rose's story will help inspire children in their journey to understand and overcome anxiety."


- Dr. Matthew Goldfine, Ph.D., Child Psychologist